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We also offer multiple day hires if you have a holiday cottage.

Aerial view of river with Bishy Day Boat

Important Booking information


Bookings can be made by phone on 07810 547779 or in person at our base on Thorpe River Green when we are open - see below for details
You are strongly advised to make a booking though you can just turn up and, if there's availability, you're welcome to hire one of our day boats.


You can book our boats by the hour. Electric Boats are available for a maximum of four hours and can be hired from 10am until 4:30pm.
Our Diesel boat is available from 9:30am for a maximum of 7 hours.
All boats need to be returned by 4:30pm (6pm during summer months)

During Spring, Summer and Autumn school holidays, we are open 7 days a week. At all other times, week day opening is by discretion only (we will often open if you place a booking) and in Spring and Summer months, we will generally be open on Saturday and Sunday. Please, always phone 07810 547779 to check.


Our traditional Bishy Barney day boats wil take a maximum of four people.
Our Diesel boat will take up to 7 people
Le Bishy Grande will carry up to eight passengers
Please Note: Weight limits will apply to ensure stability of the vessels. Dogs may be counted as a passenger. Please double check with us by calling 07810 547779.

No Experience necessary

You don't need boating experience or any form of licence to hire one of our day boats. Whilst they are not like cars, they are very easy to pilot. Of course, we will give you all the guidance and instruction you need before you head off, though most of this will be safety based as the boat controls are pretty-much forward, reverse and a steering wheel. Pay attention to our safety briefing as its the most important information we can give you. Above that, all we ask that you treat our boats with respect as though you owned them.

Drink Driving

There are a number of pubs along the route which would welcome your visit. However, please be aware that you can and will be prosecuted for piloting a boat whilst drunk. People who are intoxicated are at serious risk of injury to themselves, the vessel, its crew and all other river users. Please enjoy yourselves but in a sober and sensible manner. .

Late Returns

If you return your boat late, there will be a late return charge. Please ensure you are on time.

Holiday Cottage?

If you are renting one of the manu holiday cottages along the river, we can offer mutiple day hire of our Diesel boats. Calling 07810 547779 to enquire.


All our customers get a simple map to follow complete with average journey times with pubs and moorings marked.

Norfolk Broads Day Boat Map

To help you out

We provide an exceptional service to our Day Boat pilots and passengers as well as the lowest possible costs.


Vital Equipment

All passengers will be provided with life jackets. Please take our advice and wear them - they are for your safety. The water is always very cold (even in summer) and cold shock can be debilitating. Don't take risks.

Drive on the right

You're not on the road anymore

Boats travel on the right-hand side of the waterway and pass oneanother on the left (Port to Port). But don't get too close to banks; some are shallow and you might get stuck or entangled in weed. Boats that are sailing have a right of way over you. Watch out for rowers.

Be ready

You're crew as well as passenger

If you're mooring up, have your forward and aft ropes ready for use. Be careful fending the boat off and don't lose concentration on what you're doing. Stay seated until the boat is securely tied up.

Don't rock the boat

Being silly can cost lives

Whilst the boats are very stable and fully tested for stability, don't do anything silly with them. Stay within the seated area and enjoy the ride. Step on and off, never jump. Keep your arms inside the boat. Do not bump other boats. Please do not sit on the roof; it may destabilse the boat and break the windows.